Bloody Date

13th of April, Friday.

Friday the 13th.

Almost everyone is scared with this date. People say it brings bad luck. They say, especially the old ones, that one should really be careful during this day.

I say, whatthefuck. Okay, let's not be hypocrites here. I, myself, believe in this,..BEFORE. When I was still fooled by people who are older than me and thinks they are way smarter and wiser than me. But now, what the heck?! I mean, as if nothing bad happens if it's not Friday the 13th. Almost everyday, something bad happens.

In this time that we are living, some are still affected by this. Why do people bother anyway? It's just any other that is similar with the others. And, as if only bad things happen on this day. Why not give tribute to the good things that happened, happening, and will happen on this day, right?

Okay. So it's a part of our ancient history. So? What if it is? Dates are just dates. Who said it would repeat again. As if the simultaneous arrest of the Templar would happen again on October 13. C'mon people, wake up. Let us not be controlled by bloody dates. Dates are dates. No more, no less.