I'm the Winner!

Ako ay maarte, ayoko humawak ng dumi, lalo na ng putik. Super,duper eeiww talaga. But then, I had no choice when I joined the GK building in Tibungco, 2 months ago. I was so excited the day before we went there, to the extent na ipinagpalit ko yun sa making ng portfolio. So, ayan, I was so excited I wasn't able to sleep that well pa, then I forgot a couple of stuffs that I should brought. It was raining when we went there, so obviouly it was muddy. Wala namang kaso sa akin kung maging dirty yung feet ko, but the problem was my hands. I don't like touching dirty stuffs, eh di lalo na yung mud, di ba? After fixing our stuffs, we immediately helped other people there who were digging. Eh I can't digged that time and they won't let me, anyway, because it's hard, so ang ginawa namin was magpulot nung mga nabungkal nila. Initial Reaction: "wtf?! Eeiww!" Pero, I didn't let them know and di rin ako nagpahalata. So, I took a deep breath and started picking them up. It was really disgusting. Tipong, wet pa talaga since it was raining, it added to the eeiiww-ness of the stuff. Then, I was near to throwing up, when I saw a bunch of insects, unidentified, related yata sila sa ants. Anyway, kadiri talaga. As in. Pero, xempre, I kept my composure. I thought na I'm helping people through this, kaya yun, I just enjoyed it and forget how yucky it was. And, I had fun. Aside from overcoming my weakness, I was able to make friends and enjoy the whole event. Ayos! Ü

Vivien and I. Maputik na ako nyan, my dirty side. =D

Ganito kaputik @ kasaya yung site :))