An Undone Act of Kindness

It was lunch time yesterday. The canteen was full with students, everyone was in a hurry to purchase their food and eat. My friend and I chose to buy our food @ Pritong Manok. We fitted ourselves in the bunch of people buying some food. We were already near the "counter" and just like everyone else, we shouted what we want to buy, shoving our money, hoping that the "counter ladies" would entertain us. In the midst of all the shouting, there was this one elementary student who was infront of us, trying to get one of the ladies attention. He looked helpless. My friend noticed it and said that we let the boy first and I agreed. I even helped the boy to catch the ladies attention. Finally, one of the ladies entertained him. She asked what the boy wants and the boy answered he wanted a chicken breast meal then he gave the money. Unfortunately, his money was not enough. He still needed five pesos to be able to buy what he wanted. So, instead of buying what he wanted, the lady just gave him a small, almost meatless wing and a cup of rice. And I was there, I saw everything. In my mind, I wanted to help. To tell the lady to give him the chicken breast and charge to me the five pesos. But I didn't know what happened, I was just there staring as the boy left. I really felt bad, call it OA, or whatever. I was honestly disappointed to myself. If I could just turn back the time. I was already on my way home and I remembered it again and the feeling was still the same. I felt bad,so bad. And while I am typing this, I still can't help but to feel bad about it.


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