[ series 1 ]
Name:Rogue (for a change)
Birthplace:Somewhere in the smelly city of Manila
Current Location:infront of the desktop
Eye Color:green..I wish
Hair Color:black...and black..and white
Righty or Lefty:lefty
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
[ series 2 - your favorite ]
Cartoon:Me! :))
Slushy Flavor:huwaht?!
Magazine:my magazine,..someday ;)
TV Show:The Slurp and Drool Show.
Song at the Moment:That Awful Memory of Yours
Language:The Joanna Retarded Language (only INTELLIGENT people could understand it *wink)
Spice Girl:I'm spicy
Food & Beverage:full of sugar!!!! and salt, too :)
Subject in School:my own subject
Weekend Activity:staring infront of the idiot box
Frozen Yogurt:Nestle
Roller Coaster:I love Roller Coasters!!!
[ series 3 - what is ]
Your most overused phrase:animo!!! hahah. Err,..don't know really?
First thing you thought when you woke up:my food for lunch
Last image/thought you go to sleep with::))
First feature you notice of opposite sex:body built, whether the guy is thin or not
Best name for a Butler:Mr. Smith :)
Wussiest Sport:huh?!
Your best feature:my weirdness (what a term!)
Your greatest fear:closed space
Your greatest accomplishment:dunno yet
Your most missed memory:,...
[ series 4 - you prefer ]
Pepsi or Coke:pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King:burger king!
Single or Group Dates:single
Adidas or Nike:Nike
Chicken nuggets or Chicken fingers:Chicken Nuggets
Dogs or Cats:My pet
Rugrats or Doug:Rugrats
Single or Taken:Hahah.
Monica or Brandy:Brandy
Tupac or Jay-Z:Jay-Z
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes:LeAnn Rhymes
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Nestea
One pillow or Two:three! *far out
Chocolate or Vanilla:Vanilla
Hot chocolate or Hot cocoa:Hot cocoa
Cappucino or Coffee:Cappucino
[ series 5 - do you ]
Shower everyday:ofcourse
Have a crush:hahaha.
Think you've been in love:u-huh
Want to go to college:I'm in college
Like high school:yeahp
Want to get married:Errm..creepy
Type correctly:Quite ;)
Believe in yourself:yeah..
Have any tattoos? Where:none
Have any piercings? Where:on my ears
Get motion sickness:nah..
Think you're a health freak:quite
Get along with your parents:a bit
Like thunderstorms:nah
[ series 6 - the future ]
Age your plan to be married:not part of my future plans,..yet
Number and names of children:Number: 2 will do. Names: Damien Marie (applicable for both boy and girl)
Where will you be at age 20:At my own Empire.
Dream wedding:**blank**
How do you want to die:yeah..
Dream job:CSI,..or detective,..or NBI Agent..
Country you'd like to visit:Any countries in Europe
[ series 7 - opposite sex ]
Best eye color:green,,I wish. hahaha.
Best hair color:black,..jet black
Short or long hair:long hair,..pero dapat mas mahaba pa rin yung hair ko :))
Best height:Nothing really, as long as he is taller than me
Best weight:nothing,..just make sure he is thin
Best clothes:simple shirt and jeans + a really good attitude :). Well, honestly, it doesn't matter, as long as he could carry it. :)
Best first date location:Amusement park
Best first kiss location:hahaha
[ series 8 - other ]
Last time you slept with a stuffed animal:long,long ago
Rings before you answer the phone:depends
What's on your mousepad:nothing
How many houses you've lived in:3
How many schools you've gone to:4
Bedroom carpet color:nothing
Shave your head for $5,000?:no,..make it a million dollars
Stranded on a desert island. Take three things. No people:tv. reading materials. food and drinks
Best time of your life so far:everytime I poop.,..who0o0oppss :))
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