9: 37 p.m.
Living Room

Okay. I was bored at that time. I was watching Ice Age,..again. Okay, so I was bored. I looked around and *bam!!* I saw a bubblegum. So0o0o0o,..I took some and put it on my mouth and started chewing. Mmmmmm,..yummy, it's sour and sweet and blue! Chew. Chew. And chew some more. The taste was beggining to ebb away, so I took some again and put it again in my mouth. And then, I chew again, and chew, and chew,... *ting* (light) I remembered something. I remembered the lady in Ripley's( I guess. Or was it on Guinness, can't remember) who blew a bubblegum using her nose. Like, she plastered the bubblegum on her nose and flattened it until half of her nose, including her nostrils were covered. Then, she started blowing it. And it reached 16inches. Wow! It seemed so easy. So,... I tried it. Yes! I did try it. The Result: I wasn't able to blow it. Gad, it was so hard. I really thought it was easy. So, I just threw the bubblegum and washed my nose and went back to the living room and tried to enjoy Ice Age,.. for the nth time.


Pepe said...

Hello Joanna....! Oi, thanks for dropping by dun sa blog ko ha....! Nabuking mo tuloy ang mga kalokohan namin he-he....! Balik ka ulit dun anytime....! Garantisadong may kasayahan palagi....! Have a goodie week to you....! =D

ignoramus said...

Hahaha... masubukan nga din yan. Mahirap ba talaga?

Joanna Marie said...

to ignoramus: yes! yes it is kuya. hahaha. nahirapan ako. hahaha. :))