Criminal Minds

A friend of mine stole a bottle of nail polish without bein' caught. The price of the nail polish was 17.50pesos. I was shocked when she told me the other day that she did it. I mean, why would she steal, anyway, when she could actually afford it? I asked her why and she told me that she would just like to prove to herself that she could actually "do it". That she could actually steal from a department store without bein' caught. She even told me about the guy in the movie "Inside Man", who robbed a bank because he would also like to prove to himself that he could execute it and get away from it. I shook my head and laughed, I told myself, that's what impulsiveness can do.

I have a powertrippers in school. Yeah, powertrippers. They are really annoying, they keep on teasing me to their friend who happened to be my ex. I don't know why they are doing it. Well, maybe, they thought I still like their friend which I could tell into their bitchy faces that NO, I don't fancy their friend anymore (Who would still like that guy, anyway?!). Well, whatever their reasons are, I don't care, I just want their faces out of my ass. Well, I was really pissed off that time that I was eventually planning on how to get on 'em. Then, I thought of their van (not that good-looking, believe me.). I was thinking of crashing the windshield or flat their tires or punch on them on the face just once to set the record straight. I told this plan of mine to a friend (he's actually our Guidance Councilor way back in high school). So, what do you think was his reaction? He called it, "Criminal Thinking". I laughed but deep inside, yeah it was a criminal thought. I defended that it was just a stupid thought out of annoyance. He,again, reminded me that I should not stoop down on their level, I would just be satisfying them and I would turn out to be a shallow person who will cause my reputation over their shallow entertainment. And that hit me again, that no matter how annoyed I am, I just have to be cool and let them say whatever they want to say. In the end of the day, they would never get what they want, to see me totally annoyed and affected.