A salute to 'em

Since, I am already ONE year in Davao (yey!!!) I want to give a tribute to people who never left me, who gladly continued sharing their life with me (vice-versa). They're only four (4) of 'em, but I'm glad they're the ones I have. Ü


Isn't she pretty? Hahaha. I so love this shot, ever! Anyways, this is Angelica a.k.a. Jill. I knew her since elementary but we never been that close not until I was in 3rd year and she was in her senior year in high school. We had loads of fun before, been in a fight, and done a number of crazy stuffs. She is very supportive until now. We may not always text each other or send messages to friendster once in a while, but every time we text each other, she always remind be that I have a friend in her (even if she don't say it at all). Much thanks to you, my friend! Ü God Bless on your quota, you can make it, girl! =D


My ever-sumpungin/pa-cute(no need.hahaha)/iyakin best friend. Hahaha. Yes, that's Kirstie, a.k.a. Sumpa :)). I simply love this girl,even if she's like that. It's quite odd how we ended up best friends together with Cha, because my personality and theirs are really, really, as in super DIFFERENT (it seems like opposite attracts, huh?). Anyhow, 1 year ago was quite a year for her and us. She'd been through a lot that time, and because of that, we fought. Fortunately, we were able to patch things up before I left. We may not have a lot of things in common, but sure thing is that we both want to keep the friendship we have. This is my super unwanted "TWIN" sister (Dang that red shirt, hahaha), and always will be =D. Thanks for the friendship, girl! Kick their asses,okay?! Hehehe

Memen(hahahaha)and/or Cha

Memen! Hahaha. She hate it when we call her by that name. Hahaha. This is also my bestest friend and another unwanted sister whom I had a lot of fun with. Our "sulatan galore" even if we were just one sit away from each other, or our "Chika galore" which only had one topic: BOYS. Hahaha. I so miss those times. She never failed to give me hope when I'm down, let me smile when I don't feel like smiling at all. Just like Kirs, she's one heck of a friend who would not forget you, and I'm damn lucky to have 'em (bleh, they can never be yours, Hahahaha).

Sir Alex

Hahahaha, I actually found this photo from the Friendster Acct. of his co-worker. Hahaha. It's really funny, I told him about it, and I know he was quite freaked-out because he couldn't remember it. Anyways, so much for the funny picture story. Sir Alex is my living diary (I don't know if he know it). We've known each other for like, 4 or 5 years already. He kept me sane (hahaha), and still keeping me sane. Therefore, he is my unpaid psychiatrist =). He's like my Big Brother (naman kuya!)hahaha. Until now, he almost know everything that is happening to me. And we have this funny thing, we share pictures, I know it's not really funny, but for me it is. Oh yeah, btw, I just received the pictures taken during the JS Prom 2007 (ahahaha, I missed everyone in Baguio, even my former teachers who honestly looked funny in the pics =D). Aside from that, I always laughed at him whenever I caught him swearing, I mean, c'mon Sir, it's ok,okay? :)). Yeah, before I forget, thankie =D; xie, xie; dommo arigato :D

If I would be given an opportunity to share with 'em my life here in Davao, I would gladly take it. Ü