I was browsing the archives of Ms. Ala's blog, when I read a post about the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and I can't actually help but to post something about it, like a continuation of some sort. Anyway, honestly, when I first heard about it, I was quite afraid and skeptic about it. For the reason that I thought it may devastate the church and the faith of the people. But then, years passed, well, I grew more mature and open minded, that I actually craved for more knowledge, to know something that I'm afraid of, to face the very fear that I have. It took a year before this craving was satisfied. I didn't get hold of the book yet and all I had was a documentary about it (during this year, the movie was about to be shown) and it did nothing really, except that I knew about this Chateau, blah, blah. Then,a year later, a friend of mine lend me the book. I thought, finally, ahhh! Yes! The book was just great. It wasn't that bad really, those people who said that it may devastate the church and the people's fate are those who don't have a sturdy faith at all. They are the one's who lack open mindedness. And I can't help but to say that Dan Brown is the best, he can make a fiction out of facts and that is just simply great. Not only that, I honestly learned a number of things from his books, after reading Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons(looking forward to read Digital Fortress *wink*) Oh yeah, Ms. Ala, Angels and Demons is really better than DVC, btw (I know you already decided about it, just want to agree to those who said that it was *wink*)