Blog-worthy entry.


Gad. I was so drunk talaga. Twas our first "official" lab in Bar and Mixology class and we have to taste all the kind of Spirits, e.g., tequila, gin, rhum,.etc, etc. Ako naman, haay na lang, I didn't eat, I just ate waffle, that's it. We were in the classroom na, and good Lord, the class was so noisy and gulo, PROMISE!!! I felt dizzy tuloy even before I had a drink. Then, ayun, I just had 2 shots, one gin and one rhum. Man! I hate gin, the way it flowed down my throat, I think my throat burned. Lol! :)). Anyhoo, after the 2nd shot, I was about to go to my seat because I felt so effin' dizzy already when my classmate told me I was red na raw. Shux! Super embarrassing! So, I said to Lucky, I want to go outside first, twas so hot na kasi and I want to breathe in some fresh air. So, there, he accompanied me and went back inside, which was alright with me kasi I can manage naman na myself that time, and so that he could back na to our class. I was alone, trying to endure the pain, my effin' head was throbbing. Tsk. Then, Alain approached me, he stayed with me, he made paypay,lol!** :)). Tas, after how many minutes, some of my classmates went outside the classroom na, I think some of them were tipsy na. And, one of the least people I expect to get drunk, got drunk. Hahaha! Marion, he was the gunner, and twas so funny because he got drunk. Tsk. Then, the alcohol got into my head na, I made something stupid talaga. I called Neil and shouted at him. After that call, I started crying. I looked so stupid talaga. Swear! When I was kinda okay na, we went to Roger's. (Maygad, Kuya Roger is so sweet talaga, he's so kind.) We stayed there for how many minutes lang, looking for coffee. Well, I was the one looking for coffee :)). But, they didn't have eh. So, we went na lang to Club K and stayed there. And, I really don't know why, I cried na naman, and antagal ko talagang umiyak. I wanted to stop crying na, but the tears won't stop from falling. Tsk. After an hour I guess,. we all decided to go home. Hinatid nila ako and they talked to my mom, they explained why her daughter looked so wasted lol! :)).


** Di ako kinilig ha? Pero, I appreciated it.
*** Another post to come soon, related to this. :)