Para pap pap pap

Erm,..wala lang. I would just like to elaborate few things that I answered on the Single Survey. ( di ako tinamaad,..It's a miracle. lol! :)) )

What kind of job do you have?: Hahah,. plotter (pa-uso),.In the future,.killer ;)
-- plotter,.erm,.it's my term for someone who plots evil thing, like killing someone. *wink, *wink.

What's your favorite pick up line?: hahah. i don't have it. But I know a pick up line from a DOM dude, and it's so funny. It goes like this: "Miss,..may refrigerator ka ba? Kasi,..tinitigasan ako eh". Hahah :))
-- I got the pick up line from one of the callers of Dj Mo Twister's morning radio show, Good Times with Mo. Well, the caller was a DOM. When I heard it, I laughed so loud, promise. Gad, it's so funny, but a the same time, eeiiww,. Like imagine, a DOM would come up to you and would say that, CREEPY xD hahaha.

What's your idea of a good first date?: hmm,..maybe going beyond the Conventional dating,.the usual, eat,watch movie, coffee. Maybe, going to the Amusement Park would be great! heheh
-- Yeah, I really think, going to Amusement Park for a first date would be cool! Or maybe trying some extreme sports. Hehehe. After which, total PIG OUT. :))

Ayun, yun lang. Hehehe :))


eumita said...

3rd question.. oo nga! >:C mag EK or some other place. sa carnivals din! =D