Yeah,..I'm! :))

Survey for Singles
About You
Name/Age:Joanna Marie Lim,..shux, always the same question. I think I should write a new name or something. hehehe
Hair Color/Length:Black, long,..half of my back,..I guess
Eye Color:Erm,..dark brown..
Body Type:Hahah. Chunky,.lol! :))
What is the best thing about you?:I'm complicated
What is the worst thing about you?:I'm gullible,..sometimes, mga serious stufs pa talaga, tsk.
About Who You'd Like to Meet
Age:hahah, please, someone older than me. Hahah. I don't want to baby sit. lol! :))
Hair Color/Length:nothing in particular
Eye Color:Erm, In my dreams. Hahaha
Height:Nothing in particular, as long he's taller than me
Body Type:thin!!!!!
What are your turn-ons?:funny guys
What are you turn-offs?:stupid guys,.sorry
Your Interests
What kind of job do you have?:Hahah,. plotter (pa-uso),.In the future,.killer ;)
What do you like to do in the summer?:try some extreme sports on my list
In the winter?:hahah,. we don't have it here
What are your spiritual beliefs?:u-huh,..
What kind of music do you like?:almost anything, as long as it's not novelty, or some stupid,non-sense hip-hop songs
What movies do you like?:i'm a sucker for movies, damn it!
Do you want the person you date to have the same interests as you?:not really,..
Your Experience
# of long-term relationships (6 mos +):1
# of short relationships (<6 mos):erm,..
Have you ever had sex before?:no
Have you dated someone older/younger than you?:older lang naman
What is the most important thing you've learned about dating so far?:hahaha,
Misc. Single Questions
Do you like being single?:yeah...
Where do you go to meet people?:anywhere
What's your favorite pick up line?:hahah. i don't have it. But I know a pick up line from a DOM dude, and it's so funny. It goes like this: "Miss,..may refrigerator ka ba? Kasi,..tinitigasan ako eh". Hahah :))
What's the longest you've ever stayed single?:2months?
Why do you think you are still single?:I'm! :))
Would you go on a blind date/be set up by friends?:set up by friends na lang
What's your idea of a good first date?:hmm,..maybe going beyond from the Conventional dating,.the usual, eat,watch movie, coffee. Maybe, going to the Amusement Park would be great! heheh
Should girls/guys do the initial asking out?:depends
Who should pay on the first date?:the guy,.??hahaha. or both of 'em
What type of romantic things do you like?:eh,,.akin na lang yun ;)
Do you believe in love at first sight?:NEVER!
Are you bitter from any previous relationships?:hahaha.
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