Some sensible thoughts.

Tsk. Pathetic. I'm trying to put my CBox here in my blog, but it won't come out. Tsk. I forgot how to pimp a blog.

Can someone pimp it for me? :)


One of my subjects this tri is Bar and Mixology. Wo0o0hooo0o0, @ first, and starting to be Bo0o0hoo0o0 instead. Why? 1st: We were like 50+ in the class *ugh. 2nd: Most of my classmates are jerks (Sorry dear classmates, but some of you really are jerks). I can't enjoy it ={.

Anyhoo, since I have that subject, I have the reason for asking my mom to buy me some spirits :). I'll start making drinks and eventually create my own (Err.,'s for my finals.)

Speaking of drinks, I'll be making Mojito one of these days. Yes! At last! I've been dying to taste a Mojito :)


That's it,bordz.

My hands are starting to numb.

*Pahabol: Oh yeah, I have a story about McDodi. Coming soon. I just remembered.

Huwaw, ginaganahan ako mag-istory telling ngayon. Hmm,...*evil hand of contemplation


eumita said...

i can help you... but you will have to be my personal manicurista forever. :P

Joanna Marie said...

Hahaha. Riiiggggghhhhtttt...Deal! Hahaha

shopz said...

lol... paste mo lang sa may location ng sidebar.

Joanna Marie said...

to SHOPZ: I did it na, but it won't come out. Tinataguan ako ng box na yun. Grrrr :C. Anyhoo, mamat :)