"I know I'm demanding, but then, I think I deserve your support especially when I needed it the most. But look what you did, instead of comforting me, you made my feelings worse. Now I know, I should really start EXPECTING LESS from YOU."


manager said...

Oh... anong nangyari sayo roguey?


si alain "bad boy" padilla ba?

How sad.

karmi said...

what happened?

the goddess said...

to manager: hmm,..ikaw ba si kuya igno? heheh.

to manager and ate karmi:loo0o0ng story..hahay,ganun nga yata talaga pag nasa relationship, mei ups and downs. Ngayon, okay naman na. :)

karmi said...

hay nku ganda, oo.. marami talagang ups and downs sa isang relationship.. :) buti ok na kayo.. basta pagusapan nyo lang ung problema nyo.. magiging ok rin.. ^_^

the goddess said...

to ate karmi: yeah, ganun nga poh talaga. heheh :)

eumity said...

what happened pala? Ö

the goddess said...

to eumi: remember yung nangyari nung monday? yun, instead na i-comfort ako, nang-asar pa @ ginatungan pa talaga. argh,.

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