Chronicles of the Couch Patatas

Amazing Race Asia Season 2

I can't believe it! Wadapak! They were ALMOST there. Gahhdd! I really, really can't believe it. Promise, I can still feel the pain of their defeat. Gosh! I believed in Marc and Rovilson. I supported them and even fought for them (mapanlait kasi si Alain). I thought they would win. But, guess what? They landed in 3rd place. The sisters even beat them. GAAHHDD. I swear to my ass they could have won, I SWEAR! If and only if Marc played the Detour. I mean, I don't know why Marc had to let Rovilson play where in fact, they both know that Marc is better with flags than Ro. Gosh! And to think that during the whole race, they were DOMINATING. No, erase that, 'twas more of BEYOND GODLIKE (dota people, you better know this). And then, on the last leg of the race, they came in 3rd. Super No Freakin' Way, dude. No freakin' way. *Sigh* Oh well, guess the only consolation they have are the stuffs that they won in some of the pit stops where they came in 1st and the fact that they were included in the Final 3. Another *sigh*. Tsk. Sayang talaga. Super sayang. **Lastest update: I just checked the votes of the 3 teams and here is the tally:

Adrian and Collin= Fav. Team: 3.6% Most likely to Win: 5.2%
Vanessa and Pamela= Fav. Team: 8.5% Most likely to Win: 6.1%
Marc and Rovilson= Fav. Team: 35.3% Most likely to Win: 46.4%

What does it mean? Many believed in their team. Hahay.

Chef on the Go/Chef to Go

Thanks to Alain's cable-less tv, I was able to watch Chef on the go/Chef to go. And last night's guests were contestants from Amazing Race Asia Season 2 (the Malaysian sisters and Rovilson Fernandez). Yey! :D And thanks to that, I got to know some of the things about them. Like, Rovilson is the Executive Editor of Maxim Magazine and Vince Chong (one of the singers of the Breaking Free Asian Version song) is the brother of Vanessa and Pamela Chong. Funny noh? Babaw ko na naman. :D

The Powerpuff Girls

Didn't you know na 10 years na ang Powerpuff Girls. So, 1998 was the birth date of the show. And way back then, I was 9 years old. I can even remember that I bought a book of the Powerpuff Girls. Super bestfriend ko talaga sila Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup @ mortal enemy ko naman sila Mojo Jojo noon. Funny, kasi sobrang tagal na nila eh kung tutuusin paulit-ulit lang naman yung mga episodes nila (halata bang nanonood pa rin ako?) @ hindi lang ang The Powerpuff Girls, meron pang ibang cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog na nung 1999 naman nagsimula. Bilib na ako sa mga cartoon shows ngayon, biruin mo, nakatagal sila ng 1 dekada eh samantala yung mga tv shows (except yata yung ibang reality shows and game shows) eh di naman tumatagal ng ganoon. Naalala ko tuloy yung sabi ni Velma (character sa Scooby Doo), ang mga cartoons daw freaks. Eh kung freaks sila, bakit nakakatagal sila sa telebisyon? Hindi kaya dahil freaks din ang mga manonood? Hehehe.


eumity said...

ay. really??? :( tsk tsk. sayang talaga! i thought they would win too.

eumity said...

i love buttercup! :D

the goddess said...

di ba!? di ba?! frustrating. sobra. rawr! Haha. idol ko siya. lolx!

Holy Kamote said...

yohoho. powerpuff. yuck! sooo gurly. hahaha

- from mojojojo.

karmi said...

waaaa.. namiss ko tuloy Powerpuff Girls.. paborito ko un, pati ung Cow and Chicken.. hehehe..

i know, sayang cna Marc.. :( i thought they will win.. sayang.. sayang...

the goddess said...

to HK: ikaw ba si Mojo Jojo? hehehe. :P

to Ate Karmi: ansakit noh? Hahay,. sobrang sinubaybayan ko talaga yun. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

hmp! cable-less ka jn! bantay ka lng pag may cable na tv ko, d kta pa2sukin sa room ulit, sa labas ka lng. tabi kau ni danny pra sungayin ka rin ni pipo. ahahh! =p dnt worry sbhan ko c momy n bumili ng 1 png dog bowl.. hahahaha

the goddess said...

gago ka! hahaha. Hmph! eh di hindi na lang ako pupunta sa inyo. :P